Zhlobin District Court dismisses the appeal of “Fair World” activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zhlobin District Court dismissed the complaint of the local activists of the Left Party "Fair World", who asked to cancel the decision of Zhlobin District Executive Committee, by which a member of the party Valiantsin Yauzrezau wasn't included in an election commission.

In the beginning of the hearing the head of the district branch of the party Valery Rybchanka, who represented Yauzrezau's interests at the trial, tried to challenge Judge Stefanovich, who in July 2011 had sentenced Mr. Rybchanka to 15 days of arrest for unauthorized mass event (though he had just handed out leaflets). However, his motion wasn't granted.

The representatives of the district executive committee, who were an interested party in the trial, blankly disagreed with the appeal filed by Mr. Rybchanka and his fellow party members.

“The mere fact that Rybchanka could be present at the formation of the commission, witnesses that the procedure of its formation was transparent and open,” stated the head of the legal sector of the district administration Hanna Kurpakova.

Rybchanka, in his turn, stated that the electoral commission was formed secretly, and even the names of those who were included in it weren't announced.

“What for do you want to know them?” asked the lawyer of the executive committee. “Maybe, these people don't want anybody to know that they are members of the commission.”

As a result, the court dismissed the appeal of the members of "Fair World".