UCP Mahiliou activist sentenced to 3 days of arrest

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On December 26, Anton Kastsou visited the police department of Mahiliou’s Kastrychnitski district to inquire about the laptop seized at his apartment during a search, but he was taken to court, instead.

The court sentenced him to three days as administrative arrest for violating the order of organizing and holding mass events.

After an action “Stop-Tax” took place on December 20, Mahiliou police said the Vkontakte community “Stop Fear” was moderated by a 23 -year-old activist of the United Civil Party Anton Kastsou.

The activist’s apartment was visited by policemen, including Deputy Chief of Kastrychnitski district police department, who ordered the guy to delete the community, which was also engaged in advertising the next action against the new car tax expected to be held on December 27. The policemen said the community should be removed by December 24.

After consultations with local human rights defenders, Anton Kastsou went to the police department to explain that he could not delete the account, as its administrator was a completely different person, and he did not have access rights.

The activist spent three hours at the police department, after which, accompanied by three policemen, he was taken home. Then there was a search, which was carried out by the head of Kastrychnitski district police department. The police seized a laptop and told the youth to come to the police station for further investigation on December 26. On the same day, the community “Stop Fear” was deleted.

In addition, on December 24 it became known that the activist was urgently targeted by the recruitment office, who wished to send him to a training camp. He was to visit the office on December 26, but the results of this visit are yet unknown.

Uladzimir Shantsau, UCP’s Mahiliou leader, notes that the policemen acted despicably, as the activist was lured for a conversation, and they eventually put him in prison.

“The true face of our police is revealed here – they are cunning and despicable. The guy was lured not to create unnecessary noise and convicted as quietly. It's a sign to other activists not to be active, because if you are – you will go to prison or get fined,” says Uladzimir Shantsau.

An action entitled “Stop-Tax” was held in Mahiliou on December 20, when several motorists drove honking through the city center with hazard warning lights on. Policemen stopped some of the participants, but they were not fined. The action did not involve many people.