Babruisk authorities ban picket of solidarity with Ukrainian pro-EU protesters

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Viktar Buzinayeu, leader of the United Civil Party’sBabruisk office, received a response from the city executive committee signed by the deputy chairman Aliaksandr Markachou. The paper says that the march and rally that activists wanted to stageon December 21 in solidarity with the Ukrainians were not allowed.

The official explained his decision by the fact that there is the only authorized place for mass events in Babruisk (a stadium on the city’s outskirts), while the applicants stated another location (the city center). In addition, the official said that the application was compiled with violations, for example, it did not indicate the number of protesters and whether the participants were going to use fireworks. Besides, Markachou argued that the statement should have been submitted together with awritten obligation from the organizers.

“They told me that I had not agreed with officials the question of maintaining public orderand a cleanup, although we noted in the statement that we were in charge of the work,” said Viktar Buzinayeu.

The official also noted that the organizer had no right to disclose information about the picket until permission was issued. Meanwhile,information about the event was reported by several Babruisk media.

As a result, the activist handed out copies of the Novy Chas independent weekly, that among other things covered the latest events in Ukraine.

Viktar Buzinayeusays that this time the police came very late, and when they arrived at the place, the activist had already left.

“The policemen began to rush in different directions, like beagles, one of them was particularly smart, almost hit by a car. As a result, they detained me almost near my house, but were unable to explain the reason of “hunting”. They had to leave, as I did everything within the law,” said the activist.