Attempt to detain human rights activist for photographing on Kastrychnitskaya Square

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Riot police officers thought a human rights activist was “following them and taking pictures”.

Riot police officers tried to detain human rights activist Aliaksei Lapitski from Zhodzina on the evening of December 19 on Kastrychnitskaya Square. He was taking pictures of Kastrychnitskaya Square. learnt it from Aliaksei Lapitski.

“Two riot policemen came to me and ordered to show the photos I made. They said I was following them and photographing, which was forbidden. I explained I was taking pictures of the Christmas tree and the square, which was almost empty. I asked the policemen about their duties and reminded them about the civil rights guaranteed by the constitution. I asked them to introduce themselves. I wanted to write down their names, but they refused to give any information without a special order. One of them called his commander,” the human rights activist says.

The policemen said to their commander on the phone that they were trailed.

“They said they had detained a man who had following them and taking pictures of them. They said I had refused to show the photos and my ID. As I understood from their conversion, they were ordered to detain and take me to a police station. I asked to talk to the commander on the phone to explain everything, but the policemen didn't allow me,” Aliaksei Lapitski says.

The human rights activist had to show the photos and delete those with distant figures of riot policemen.