Authorities ban picket to support EuroMaidan

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Mikalai Ulasevich, an activist from the village of Varniany, received a refusal for holding an information picket in Astravets to support the people of Ukraine. The application for the picket was filed for December 21, Viasna human rights centre reports.

The answer signed by deputy head of the Astravets district executive committee Viktar Svila says the picket is not allowed because the theatrical performance “Invite fairy tale to home” will be held on the site of the planned picket. The answer, however, doesn't say the exact date and time of the show. As usual, the official reminded the applicant that he failed to meet the legal requirements regarding security, medical and cleaning services during the event.

The Brest authorities also didn't permit a procession to support Ukraine's pro-EU protests. According to Uladzimir Vuyek, the head of the Brest regional branch of the United Civil Party, the reply of the city authorities says that “mass events are not allowed within less than 50 metres from the buildings of state administration bodies, local representative, executive and administrative bodies, diplomatic missions and consular bodies, courts, prosecuting bodies, territories of organizations providing defence, state security and livelihoods of the population, and within less than 100 metres from the buildings of health care organisations”. Uladzimir Vuyek thinks the reason for refusal is groundless, as the city authorities earlier permitted representatives of democratic forces to hold a march on the same route on May 1.