Brest authorities ban march in support of Ukraine's pro-EU protest

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The organizers of the march were local representatives of the United Civil Party, who were going to express their solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their desire to live in the European Union.

According to chairman of the UCP’s Brest regional office Uladzimir Vuyek, the reply from the executive committee says that “mass events are not allowed within less than 50 meters from the buildings of state administration bodies, local representative, executive and administrative bodies, diplomatic missions and consular bodies, courts, prosecuting bodies, territories of organizations providing defense, state security and livelihoods of the population, and within less than 100 meters from the buildings of health care organizations.” Uladzimir Vuyek says the reason for refusal is groundless, as previously during the celebration of May 1 Brest representatives of democratic forces have marched along the same route permitted by the authorities. “Moreover, the ban on the march can be regarded as defining the position of local authorities to the events happening now in Ukraine," said the UCP’s local leader.

The march was scheduled for December 21.