Raman Kisliak: Ales Charkashyn’s case will be continued

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Human rights defender Raman Kisliak

Human rights defender Raman Kisliak

They had to release Ales Charkashyn, says human rights activist from Brest Raman Kisliak. The BCD activist was to be tried at 9:00. However, he was not taken to the court building an hour later, and then it became known that he was released because the judge did not consider the case due to inaccuracies in the record of the offense.

Raman Kisliak notes that under the Procedural Executive Code of Administrative Offences a person arrested on administrative charges must be brought before a judge within 48 hours. The period of such detention may not exceed 72 hours. Obviously, the police were unable to do this within 48 hours so that the proceedings could begin.

Raman Kisliak said that there was no reason to take the young man to a neuropsychiatric hospital just because he expressed his views, although in such an unusual manner.

The human rights activist believes that this story will be continued after the police fix the flaws in the reports.

On December 15, Ales Charkashyn staged a performance outside Brest Regional Executive Committee building. The activist was dressed like a "prophet", with his hands chained and doused with red paint. It was said to symbolize the blood of Belarusians.

The activist urged the authorities to repent for their sins against the people.

10 minutes later he left the place and was detained by the police. He was then taken to a psychiatric clinic.