Hrodna Regional Court turns down Ales Masiuk's appeal

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Ales Masiuk

Ales Masiuk

On 11 December Hrodna Regional Court turned down the appeal of the social activist Ales Masiuk against a verdict of Slonim District Court. In September 2013, Mr. Masiuk applied to Slonim District Executive Committee asking to authorize a picket, which he intended to hold on 29 Septemmber to defend the right of citizens to subscribe to the independent newspaper “Hazeta Slonimskaya” and buy it through the state distributuion network, “Belsayuzdruk”.

The executive committee rejected his application, after which the activist went to Slonim District Court. On 24 October the court didn't grant the lawsuit. The activist appealed the verdict to Hrodna Regional Court, but the latter showed a corporative solidarity.

On 11 December Grodno regional court on December 11 did not satisfy the complaint Slonim public activist Ales Masyuk he filed for Slonim district court decision . In September of this year, has applied to Masuk Slonimsky executive committee with a plan to spend September 29 rally . The purpose of the picket was a public expression of citizens using banners and posters vested interests for equal media activities . Namely, for the rights of residents of the Slonim District free to subscribe to " Newspaper Slonim " in "Belpochta " and free to buy it at the kiosks " Belsayuzdruk ." Slonimsky executive committee refused activist . Masuk then challenged the decision of officials in the district court . However, the court on October 24 decided to leave the applicant's complaint dismissed , arguing that by the Executive Committee of violations of the law had occurred . And now the regional court was " corporate steadfastness ."

We should emphasize the fact that since 2004 the local authorities have rejected applications of public activists for holding mass events for trumped-up reasons. Ales Masiuk, Ivan Sheha, Ivan Bedka, Viktar Marchyk and other social activists filed several dozen applications to the executive committee, but the officials stubbornly refused to respect their constitutional rights to peaceful assembly and expression and authorize the mass events.

In such a situation Ales Masiuk intends to apply to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations.