Illia Dabratvor got detained

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At about 8 p.m. on 9 December the police came to Illia Dabratvor's home, saying they needed to draw up a report of questioning. Only Illia's wife and minor children were at home, that's why the police tried to find where the activist was and why he was absent.

They asked the wife where he was on 30 November, when a picket of solidarity with Kyiv protesters was held, and passed him a ssummons to the Tsentralny District Police Department of Minsk.

On 10 December Mr. Dabratvor came to the Tsentralny District Police Department, where a report of administrative violation was drawn up. He is accused of violation of the order of holding mass events for picketing the Embassy of Ukraine in Minsk on 30 November, when activists of the public initiative "Together" passed the Ukrainian authorities their protests against the crackdown on the Maidan.

We've reached the activist in the police department. He says that the police decide what to do with him:

"I refused to sign and give any explanations. I also said I did not agree with the violation report," said Mr. Dabratvor.

Why did the authorities do it only 11 later? The activists thinks that it is connected with the development of the events in Kyiv:

"Yesterday a forced dispersal of the pro-European protests was started in Kyiv by Yanukovich, and our authorities decided to join. After all, they are very outraged at our support of the Ukrainians. They were watching the development of the events and didn't hurry to detain me. If Yanukovich resigned, they would have to negotiate with the new autorities."

Illia Dabratvor will be tried today, on 12 December.