Body of Ihar Ptsichkin exhumed

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Memorial action in honor of Ihar Ptsichkin. Photo by Radio "Liberty"

Memorial action in honor of Ihar Ptsichkin. Photo by Radio "Liberty"

According to Ihar's relatives, the exhumation was conducted on 4 December. The results of the re-autopsy will be known in a month.

The relatives sought the exhumation nearly four months after the funeral.

Bear in mind that 21 -year-old Ihar Ptsichkin was to have served three-month arrest in Valadarski Street in Minsk, for driving despite the confiscation of his driver's licence. On 4 August he died in jail.

At a meeting of the relatives with the head of the investigative isolator they werre told that on 3 August Ihor incurred "psychomotor agitation". He was taken to the medical unit where he had to be fixed with soft straps. On the photo's of Ihar's corpse one can see numerous bruises. The photos are accessible in a special group in the social network VKontakte.

Paramedic of Minsk prison No.1, who was on duty on the night of death, is accused of the death of Ihar Ptsichkin. A criminal case for professional misconduct which resulted in the death of the patient has been instigated against him.

On 14 September Ptsichkin's relatives held a picket near the investigative isolator in Valadarski Street, demanding an investigation into the case. The picketers were detained. They think that Ihar was beaten before his death.