Andrei Tsianiuta gets fined

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The co-chairman of the “Young Front” and a participant of the campaign "Stop Drinking – Start Living!” Andrei Tsianiuta received a “gratitude” and “reward” from the city authorities for distributing anti-alcohol information – he was fined 25 basic units by the Administrative Commission of the Savetski District of Homel.

Bear in mind that on 21 November Andrei Tsianiuta and Stanislau Bulla were detained by the police for posting anti-alcoholic demotivators in public places of the city. After the detention the activists were taken to the Savetski District Police Department of Homel and given charges under Article 21.14 of the Administrative Code (violation of the rules of urban maintenance of settlements).

“This is outrageous,” says Andrei. “25 basic units for doing their work. The authorities themselves must be interested in the dissemination of such social advertising, as if the people drink less the society is healthier. However, after their today's decision, it seems to me that they are interested in exactly the opposite.”

The hearing of the case of Stanislav Bulla was postponed because he had no passport with him. However, he is sure that the results will be similar.