Photo exhibition “Pershapachatak” and exhibition dated to the 80th anniversary of the Union of Belarusian Writers get hastily closed

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The State Historical Museum of Belarus hastily closed the exhibition of the Belarusian Union of Writers. The photo exhibition “Pershapachatak” (“Origin”) and an exhibition dated to the 80th anniversary of the Belarusian Union of Writers were presented on 27 November at the National History Museum, which was to have been opened until 8 December.

“We fond about it on occasion, nobody warned us about it,” said the chairman of
the Union of Belarusian Writers Barys Piatrovich.

The organizers didn't manage to find about the reasons, as the museum director didn't answer the telephone. Among those who took part in the opening were Barys Piatrovich, Anatol Viartsinski, Mikhail Skobla, Henadz Buraukin and Ales Pashkevich – the writers who have repeatedly criticized the policy of the President. This may be the cause of the scandal.

The exhibition featured autographs
by Vasil Bykau and Nil Hilevich, things belonging to Ryhor Baradulin, documents of Maksim Tank, Yanka Bryl and Uladzimir Karatkevich. Who disliked the authographs by Bykau and Hilevich and why did the historical museumm prematurely removed exhibition Writers' Union? These questions remain unanswered so far.

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