Authorities have found a new way to prevent protest actions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Uladzimir Malei

Uladzimir Malei

Brest branch of the Trade Union of the Radio Electronic Industry filed an application to the Brest City Executive Committee for holding a picket on 10 December, the Human Rights Day.

Having an extensive experience of receiving bans on protest actions, the activists sought to thoroughly comply with the instructions, according to which the organizing organization or individual must sign service contracts with a health care institution, the communal services and police.

They had no problems signing a contract with the medics and the communal utilities, whereas the police refused to enter into any contracts, proposing the applicants to file their documents to the executive committee first.

As stated to by the legal inspector of the Trade Union or Radio-Electronic Industry Uladzimir Malei, the police state they they need to get a signal from the executive committee, and only then they can enter into a contract.

“This is a vicious circle”, concludes the lawyer. “We haven't yet received a response from the authorities, but there is little hope for getting a permission. They have a formal reason for it – we didn't present a service contract with the police, and no one will take into account that the police refused to do it, citing the fact that they must obtain information from the executive committee about the number of participants in our picket.”

A similar situation happened in October to the activists of the Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry in Baranavichy. Ryhor Hryk paid several visits to the police, trying unsuccessfully to enter into a contract. As a result, the union wasn't allowed to hold a picket.