Babruisk UCP files an application for a picket of solidarity with Ukrainians

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Viktar Buzinayeu, the chairman of the Babruisk UCP organization, filed an application for holding a picket of solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

In his application the activist requests permission to hold a picket and march on 21 December according to the Constitution and the Law on Mass Events.

"I do not believe that Ukraine will crash to the ground, just starting to take off from the Soviet Union and the wreckage of the Russian empire," said Mr. Buzinayeu in a statement addressed to the chairman of the executive committee Dzmitry Bonakhau.

Viktar Buzinayeu states that party members are willing to protect order and security during the events and those responsible for it will wear armbands.

“I also noted in the application that the cars of the participants, equipped with first aid kits, will be parked near the place of the picket. Among the participants, there will be people with medical education, who will be able to give assistance to those who need it. In addition, we assume the responsibility for cleaning up after the picket,” stated the Babruisk activist.

Viktar Buzinayeu says that Ukrainians needed an urgent support.

“Ukrainians should be aware that we, Belarusians, support them. They must fight to the end, not to find themselves in a position like ours,” explained Mr. Buzinayeu.