Hrodna journalist gets warned by the prosecutor's office

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Hrodna Regional Prosecutor's Office issued an official warning to independent journalist Ales Dzianisau, also known as a rock-musician. Conversation with Dzianisau was held by the deputy head of the department of Hrodna Regional Prosecutor's Office, Valery Paviadaika. The warning concered the work of the journalist on the Day of commemoration of the rebels of 1863 in the town of Svislach, held at the end of October.

“Like last year, I got a warning
for work without accreditation. I don't want to give any comments on it. The prosecutor , as well as the previous time, showed himself asan adequate, reasonable and well- behaved man. He gave me a warning, I got it,” said Mr. Dzianisau.

It's worth mentioning that the journalist was served a warning after being detained at the glass factory “Nioman” in 2009 and fined for shooting a video at the secondary school No. 28. He can be fined 20-50 base units if he gets another warning within a year.