Andrei Tsianiuta: teach the police

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The co-chairman of the “Young Front” Andrei Tsianiuta has filed a complaint to the chairman of the Savetski District Police Department of Homel. There he claims to have been detained on 16 November 2013 by the police and released in two hours without getting any charges. On 27 November Mr. Tsianiuta received a copy of the report of an administrative offence.

The letter really contains a copy of the report. However, it was filled so negligently that is unreadable. Andrei Tsianiuta expressed his regret that the police still have not learned how to fill out reports on administrative offenses and their copies and asks to send him a copy written by a policeman who was taught at least to hold a pen in his hands.

Moreover, the co-chairman of the “Young Front” asks the prosecutor to give a legal assessment of the actions of the police officers, who familiarize citizens about reports on administrative offenses by mail.

He also asks to hold a relevant training among the police so that they could fill reports on administrative offfenses properly.

Bear in mind that Andrei Tsianiuta and Stanislau Bul were detained on 16 November for posting anti-alcohol leaflets. They were taken to the Savetski District Police Department of Homel and released in two hours without being given any charges. During the detention Mr. Tsianiuta made a record in the book of complaints. The activists were not explained their rights and the complaints book was not given to them at their firstdemand.