Young Front co-chair asks Homel police chief to teach employees to write reports

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Andrei Tsianiuta. Photo by

Andrei Tsianiuta. Photo by

On November 29, co-chair of the "Malady Front" youth opposition movement Andrei Tsianiuta complained to the chief of the police department of Homel’s Savetski district. In his complaint, the activist writes that on November 16 he was detained by the police for posting anti-alcohol leaflets. The policemen took him to the station and two hours later he released without charges.

But on November 27, Andrei Tsianiuta received a copy of a police report on the administrative offense.

“There really was a police report with a serial number and registration data. All other information in the report was written in such a careless way that it cannot be subjected to reading,” says the activist.

“Regretting that you subordinate policemen have not studied the rules of filling reports on administrative violations and their copies, I am asking you to send me a copy of the administrative offense report in a state permitting me to read it,” writes Andrei Tsianiuta.