Volha Haidukova: Andrei jailed for nothing, it's most painful thing

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The mother of political prisoner Andrei Haidukou hopes her son will be granted early release.

Volka Haidukova spoke to charter97.org.

“We don't receive many letters – one letter every ten days. The only thing that helps is telephone calls. He calls every ten days. He says he is fine,” the mother of the political prisoner said.

The woman added that a lawyer had visited him last week. He said Andrei didn't complain.

“I don't know how it will go on. I want him to be release on parole. I want him to return home as soon as possible. This variant is possible. I received a notice from the Mahilou correctional colony saying that the release on parole was possible since August 8. It means he could have been released. What is the most painful is that he was jailed for nothing,” Volha Haidukova said.

Opposition activist Andrei Haidukou was found guilty of attempting to establish contacts with foreign intelligence. The Vitebsk regional court sentenced him to 18 months in prison at the closed trial.