Homel activist challenges refusal to institute proceedings against road police

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Uladzimir Katsora

Uladzimir Katsora

Homel civil society activist Uladzimir Katsora addressed today Rechytsa District Court with a complaint against the district department of the Investigative Committee. The activist appeals against a refusal to institute criminal proceedings.

Uladzimir Katsora and his associates were detained by the district traffic police on September 22. The activists were going to Minsk to take part in a pro-democratic conference.

The activist believes that the traffic police implemented a political order. He requested the Investigative Committee to initiate criminal proceedings against the policemen.

However, his petition was refused on November 8.

“I believe that my statement was not followed by a full and unbiased investigation, since the final decision did not reflect the testimony of those questioned during the investigation. Besides, I think the investigation is biased and superficial, as it does not respond to a number of questions set in my statement,” writes the activist in his complaint to the court.

He notes that the investigation failed to answer the question why the road police inspectors of Homel department were sent to Rechytsa. The activist also wonders why the driver was forced to be fingerprinted and videotaped.

Uladzimir Katsora expects answers to these questions from the court.