Bykhau authorities urged to select places for public events

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Siarhei Antonau

Siarhei Antonau

Chairman of BPF’s Bykhau office, writer Siarhei Antonau filed yesterday a written request to the local executive committee Chairman Dzmitry Kaleyeu. The appeal asks the official to determine places for pickets in the town.

In particular, Siarhei Antonau writes: “In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as the provisions of the Law “On Mass Events”, I ask you to define the place for holding future pickets in the town of Bykhau.”

According to Siarhei Antonau, he wrote the appeal to the chairman of the district executive committee after he was twice in the last months banned to hold events. In the first instance, the reason for refusal was the fact that the stated location was close to the regional radio station office. The second time, Siarhei Antonau was denied a right to stage a picket against the deployment of foreign military bases and military facilities on the territory of Belarus due to the fact that the local public utilities were carrying out repairs in the park where the picket was expected to be held.

“I hope that Dzmitry Kaleyeu will finally give me a specific answer, where one can hold pickets in Bykhau. Now I will wait for an answer. But then again, I will file an application for a picket, so that the officials did not have any grounds for refusal,” says the BPF activist.