Administrative commission punishes activist of “swine revolt”

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Aliaksandr Alikhver

Aliaksandr Alikhver

The administrative commission of Biaroza district executive committee, which on November 20 re-examined the case of Aliaksandr Alikhver, punished him with a fine of 1.3 million rubles for keeping pigs within a 5-km zone of 2 small government pig farms hit by the recent epidemic.

Aliaksandr Alikhver strongly disagrees with the penalty. He says the commission's decision is retaliation for his active work in the “swine revolt”.

According to Mr. Alikhver, the conversation lasted about 20 minutes. The members of the commission immediately warned him that he would be punished, mocking the farmer. They said that they did not care about his losses. If he had obeyed the authorities, he would have received a compensation, they said.

He was advised not to spoil the time and health on his fight. When Aliaksandr spoke of breaking the law, the officials said they had their own laws.

The retaliation to Alikhver began with cancellation of a license of business activities. Then they decided not to destroy his 200 pigs and not pay a large compensation, but to strangle him with huge fines.