Police are given judicial functions

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Administrative cases brought for appearing in a state of intoxication in public places and in the workplace, as well as for disorderly conduct will no longer be considered in Belarusian courts.

Such a measure is incorporated in the amendments and additions to the Code of Administrative Offences and Procedural Code of the Republic of Belarus on Administrative Offences, which are now in the first reading of the House of Representatives.

President of the Supreme Court of Belarus Valiantsin Sukala explained the change this way:

"Now the Belarusian courts hear about 400,000 administrative cases a year. 70 % of this number are cases on three matters – the emergence in a drunk state in public places and in the workplace, and disorderly conduct. And the pre-emptive punishment for these offenses is a fine".

It is therefore proposed to transfer these cases from the competence of the courts to the police. They will have the power to impose for fines for violations of these three articles. If a person considers himself unfairly punished, he will have the right to go to court, as well as the policeman if he considers the fine to be an insufficient punishment.”

Answering the questions of MPs, Valiantsin Sukala said that the country had 920,000 unscrupulous debtors who did not fulfill the court decision on the payment of the fine.

The amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations provide more stringent measures for those who do not fulfill the judgment, including administrative detention.