Minsk Regional Prosecutor's Office turns down Viktar Malochka's appeal against the actions of the Salihorsk district newspaper “Shakhtsior”

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The Minsk Regional Prosecutor's Office didn't grant the appeal of the local civil society activist Viktar Malochka against the editorial office of the newspaper “Shakhtsior”, founded by the Salihorsk District Executive Committee. Now the activist is going to apply to the Office of the Prosecutor General.

“Neither the Salihorsk District Prosecutor's Office, nor the Minsk Regional Prosecutor's Office managed to explain where the answer to my appeal to “Shakhtsior” is. They say that the editorial office has sent it to me and there is an appropriate entry in its register. However, what is the use of this entry if I haven't received any answer,” inquires Mr. Malochka.

Acording to the Minsk Regional Prosecutor's Office, the answer hardly exists in reality. “The matter is that the prosecutor's office cannot tell the exact date of the answer. In one place the depity prosecutor Piatrouski speaks about 8 August, and in another one – about 22 July. The main thing is that if the prosecutor's office has this answer at its disposal, why not present it to me? Why don't they oblige the chief editor of “Shakhtsior” Kvitkevich to send it to me?” wonders Viktar Malochka.
The activist hopes that the Office of the Prosecutor General will give an adequate answer to his appeal and put everything in its place.

Bear in mind that in July Mr. Malochka met with the chief editor of the newspaper, Siarhei Kirkevich, in order to cover the topic of the construction of a new polyclinic in Salihorsk. The official promised to publish his article, but didn't keep his promise.