Head of Homel Regional Court directs the case of Dzianis Rabianok for a new trial

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Dzianis Rabianok

Dzianis Rabianok

It took the activist of the United Civil Party from Kalinkavichy Dzianis Rabianok seven months to succeed in protecting his rights. Back in April he was attacked by Recall that in April this year by an aggressive neighbour who sprayed pepper spray in his face.

As a result,
Mr. Rabianok received aneyeburn and had to be treated by ophthalmologist. The same day, the young man applied to the Kalinkavichy District Police Department, asking to bring the offender to justice. However, the police didn't see any law violation in the actions of the offender and refused to initiate even administrative proceedings against him. Instead, they brought an administrative case against Dzianis Rabianok, accusing him of beating the neighbour. Initially, the Kalinkavichy District Court found the UCP activist guilty, but the verdict was subsequently abolished by the Homel Regional Court on his appeal. As a result, the case was dropped due to the expiry of the terms of bringing to administrative responsibility.

However, the neighbour remained unpunished. Only in June, after Dzianis Rabianok filed several complaints to the prosecutor's office, a violation report was drawn up on the offender and the case was passed t the Kalinkavichy District Court. However, the court refused to consider the case, referring to the failure to meet the terms of bringing to administrative responsibility.

The activist wasn't informed about the sitting at which this decision was taken and wasn't presented its copy. He found about it almost a mongh later and
immediately sent an appeal to the Homel Regional Court. In August 2013 the regional court considered the appeal, but left the verdict of the Kalinkavichy District Court in force.

After this, he applied to the
Chairman of the Homel Regional Court, asking to cancel the decision of the district court and send the case for retrial. Then the activist received a copy of the ruling of the head of the Homel Regional Court, dated 5 November 2013, according to which the ruling of the Kalinkavichy District Court was found unlawful and reversed, and the case against the offenders was sent for a new trial in the district court by another judge.

"I am sure that the whole situation with the attack and the illegal actions of
the Kalinkavichy police and the district court is directly related to my political and social activities. I've lost time, nerves , health and money to prove the obvious things and make the Kalinkavichy District Court abide by the legal norms and punish offenders, not those whom they attack," commented the activist.

Now Mr. Rabianok is awaiting a new consideration of the case by the Kalinkavichy District Court.