Ales Bialiatski earns about $2 a month working six days a week

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Ales Bialiatski earns about 20,000 rubles, and can spend just about 130,000 rubles in the prison shop.

According to the political prisoner's wife, Natallia Pinchuk, Ales Bialiatski works 6 days a week and earns about 20,000 rubles. He works as a wrapper at sewing industry, packing a variety of products.

“He earns about 20,000 rubles. His work is associated with the garment industry, he wraps the goods. Mattresses, gloves and work clothes are produced there. I don't know exactly how long his working day is, but I remember the words of the head of the penitentiary that it doesn't exceed the legal limit,” said Natallia Pinchuk.

According to her, Mr. Bialiatski can spend just 130,000 rubles a month in the prison shop. "I know he buys cheese, cookies and something sweet", says the wife of the political prisoner. Once a year she is allowed to pass him a food parcel weighing 30 kilograms, in which she puts bacon, tea, instant cereals, dried fruit, onions and garlic, everything which can be stored for a long time.