Brest Regional Court turns down the appeal of trade-union activist fired from “Granite”

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Leanid Dubanosau

Leanid Dubanosau

The member of the Free Trade Union of Belarus Leanid Dubanosau tried to challenge the decision of the Luninets District Court, which refused to reinstate him at work and didn't recognize the adverse discrimination at the enterprise due to his membership in the trade-union.

In his appeal to the Brest Regional Court Mr. Dubanosau noted that the dismissal took place because of his participation in the independent trade union movement, as he had no penalties during almost 20 years of his work at “Granite”, whereas recently he has received two penalties at once, as a result of which his labor contract wasn't extended.

The decision of the regional court wasn't unexpected for Leanid Dubanosau, but he is willing to continue to defend his rights at international bodies to seek justice.