Babruisk police confiscated poster “Thank God” at Communist rally

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A rally dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the October Revolution was held on 7 November in Babruisk.

The local communists laid down flowers to the monument of Lenin at 10 a.m. The column with the flowers was headed by officers of the Babruisk City Executive Committee, followed by representatives of the Babruisk branch of the Communist Party of Belarus.

The rally was quite small, counting about 200 people, the bulk of whom were officers of the executive committee and Babruisk communists. There were also some heads of Babruisk enterprises.

The air was cleared by the Babruisk resident Valery Aliakseyeu who raised a banner “Thank God” while the state anthen was being played. This bold
gesture did not go unnoticed by the police, who immediately approached him, tried to make him remove the poster. However, in order not to create any fuss while the orchestra played the anthem they had to stand in front of the activist in order to cover the poster from the eyes of the officers of the executive committee. When the anthem was over, they asked Mr. Aliakseyeu to show his documents and carried him to the side. After a brief conversation the policemen went away.

"After all, the president said that
a revolution is a tragedy. Moreover, I believe that Lenin is Satan,” commented Valery Aliakseyeu.

As early as 10.30 a.m. the area was almost empty. There were no solemn speeches, no congratulations.

On the post-Soviet space 7 November remains a state holiday only in Belarus and