Clear-up of members of Free Tarde Union going on at the Tractor Parts and Assemblies Plant

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Babrujsk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units

Babrujsk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units

The labor contract wasn't extended for fitter Dzmitry Sakalouski, who has worked at the plant for 11 years. He is convinced that the cause for it is his membership in the Free Trade Union of Belarus.

“Of course, I have not been explained why the contract was not extended,” says Dzmitry Sakalou . “However, before it there were hints from superiors to leave the FTUB. In summer, the labor contract wasn't extended for Dzmitry Kurmaz, who worked in the same workshop and was also a member of the Free Trade Union. There were also other numerous cases of pressurization. Last year, there was a similar situation: the contract wasn't extended for me and another FTUB member. We wento to the chairman of the city executive committee, Dzmitry Bonakhau, and the problem was solved, but just for one year. Well, I can not just go to the executive committee each time, it's just ridiculous...”

Dzmitry Sakalou has a two-year-old daughter, and his wife is on maternity leave. Now the whole family will have to live at the expense of the money received as social support for raising children.

“You understand how much it is, especially in winter when the bills rise. I will try to find out whether I can go to court and try to defend my rights. However, with such an attitude on the part of the administration...You know , I'm a fitter of the 5th grade, I worked at the plant for 11 years and there haven't been any remarks about my working skills for all this time. I have no disciplinary penalties. The girls from the workshop where I set up the machines are on my side. However, suddenly somebody decided that I am not needed at the plant.

Dzmitry Sakalou says that the plant is short of specialists. According to the ads at the city's websites, the enterprise is looking for fitters.

Mikhail Kavalkou, chairman of the organization of the FTUB at the plant is outraged by this decision of the administration. He says he is ready to go on a hunger strike to draw attention to discrimination on the grounds of the trade union at the Tractor Parts and Assemblies Plant.

“There are so many talks about the improvement of the demografic situation, but here's an evidence how it is “improved”. A young father is left without a livelihood, just because of his principles. The head of the plant doesn't care that Sakalouski is a good specialist, he set out to destroy the union at all costs. And now, you can see how quickly the administration of the plant goes to the goal. I'll try hard to get more people became aware of what was going on there,” said Mikhail Kavalkou.