Brest citizens continue struggling for preservation of a house with the status of a historical and cultural value

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

New circumstances appeared in the case of the eviction of citizens from house No. 10 in Astrouski Street after receiving a letter from the Ministry of Culture.

In accordance with the conclusions of the Ministry of Culture the house was recognized a historical and cultural value, and a corresponding plate should appear on it. Meanwhile, the Brest authorities seek the eviction of the families living in it and are going to demolish the building , which, according to the officials, is in poor condition and is not suitable for housing.

As stated by a resident of the house, Henadz Voikau, the house was actually declared a historical and cultural value in 2004, and the corresponding plate was to have appeared on it at that time. However, at that time the city authorities actually ignored this demand, for which , according to the residents, they should be punished.

At present, the courts consider two lawsuits against the Brest Regional Executive Committee, which, according to residents of the house in Astrouski Street, violated the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus (in particular, Article 44, which guarantees the inviolability of state property) in its attempts to make them refuse from their property in the city center.