Investigation into Veranika Charkasava Case Suspended

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The case was investigated by the prosecutor’s office until it was passed over to the Investigative Committee in 2012. The official representative of the agency Aliaksandr Herasimau replied in a phone call to BAJ chairperson that investigation into the case had been suspended because of failure to identify a suspect.

TV journalist and documentary film maker Leanid Mindlin is collecting materials for a documentary about Veranika, planning to make it by the 10th obit.

Uladzimir Mialeshka, the journalist’s stepfather:

“Two years after Veranika’s death, Anna Politkovskaya was murdered. There was an article in her computer similar to what Veranika sometimes said. “What have I done? I just wrote about what I knew and saw,” these were Anna’s words.” I write what I know,” Nika said. … A person cannot be killed for a profession, and we should not allow it. If we don’t forgive this, if we resist such intentions, such crimes will be fewer.”