Minsk district court orders reinvestigation of charges against National Bolshevik activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On October 21, the Court of Minsk district and the town of Zaslauye, having considered the complaint of several activists of the Belarusian National Bolshevik movement, quashed the decisions made ​​by the head of Zhdanovichy police station and forwarded their administrative charges for reinvestigation. The fines imposed under the decisions ranged from 100 to 800 thousand rubles.

Back in the summer, on August 10, combined forces of police and KGB raided a sports camp of the National Bolsheviks not far from Minsk. As a result, activists were charged with administrative violations for allegedly “drinking alcohol in a public place” and “resistance to police officers”. However, representatives of the law enforcement agencies failed to indicate any evidence of the activists’ guilt. Being outraged by such illegality, the National Bolsheviks appealed the decision to court and succeeded.

This is not the first court victory by the activists this month. Earlier in October, several more decisions against NBP activists were canceled and sent back for revision. The charges dealt with a protest against “conscription slavery”.