Assault as a kind of investigative actions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

An activist of the Movement "For Freedom" Inha Abramava has come to the village if Tsikhinichy in the Brest region in order to spend her vacation with relatives. At about 2 p.m. on 11 October, when she was peacefully drinking tea and watching TV with her mother, 11-year-old sister and nephews (2 and 4 years old), she heard an explosion in the yard.

Inha thought it was a gas explosion and ran out to the veranda. The girl was speechless when she saw nine masked people in protective clothing in the yard. The explosion was a shot in their dog. The people rushed into the house, broke down the door and put the dwellers on the floor. The mother fainted. As it turned out, she was hit in the chest with a buttstock and then hit her head against the wall, as a result of which the assaulters had to call an ambulance. The kids started sreaming, but this didn't reduce the zeal of the officers of the Investigation Committee and the riot police. They spent four hours searching the yard and the house. Nobody knows what they were looking for there. According to the warrant presented by them, the “exaination” was held within the framework of the criminal case against Vital Koush, the husband of her sister, who has been kept in prison for two years already. The "guests " put down the information about hte color of the glass in the door, the color of the wallpaper and whitewash, the height of the refrigerator, etc.

The lawyer and human rights defender Raman Kisliak says he does not understand how can some traces of a crime be looked for in 1.5 years, following serveral searches. Even if it was done in order to secure the procedure of the confiscation of property, the appropriate ruling hasn't come into force yet. Raman Kisliak considers the actions of the law enforcement agencies as completely illegal and unreasonable and views them as an additional pressure on the Abramaus.

Following the assault and search, Inha Abramava was also served a summons for an interrogation.