State agencies refuse to assiste Pinsk resident in struggle against Internet offenders

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Information Ministry rejected the request of the Pinsk dweller Mikalai Klimovich to bring proceedings on the facts of the spread of false information on local websites on his behalf.

Blogger Mikalai Klimovich tried to draw attention to the so-called "Internet trolls " who organize provocations and place insulting and false information on the Internet on his behalf. However, the ministry advised him to apply to the local police, who are not going to look for the offenders. The administrators of the local websites don't pay any reaction to his applications either. The Pinsk resident is surprised with such attitude on the part of the government agencies that are evading their responsibilities concerning Internet activities, as if someone calls to violence on behalf of Mr. Klimovich, he will likely have to bear the responsibility for such actions, despite his having no relation to such messages.