Rock for human rights: Human rights defenders and musicians unite to oppose the death penalty

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This issue of the human rights podcast is dated to the World Day against the Death Penalty, marked on 10 October.

Human rights activist and a lover of rock Valiantsin Stefanovich and journalist Kasia Yanovich tried to find the attempts of reflection over the death penalty in the history of the world rock music, including the deeds of well-known musicians aimed at drawing the attention of the society to this issue.

As a result, they got a good choice of successfull, influential and innovative British, American and Belarusian bands. The podcast was dedicated to

♫ Led Zeppelin

Iron Maiden
Bruce Springsteen

and others...

“Rock for human rights” - is an original radio program of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” about the famous rock activists who believe in human rights. The program tells the listeners how acute social issues are raised and solved with the participation of musicians and with the assistance of their creative work.

Here you can listen to today's issue of the program (in the Belarusian language):