Freedom House considers Belaus to be a country with non-free Internet

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The human rights organization “Freedom House” referred Belarus to the group of countries with non-free Internet.

The Freedom House report on Internet freedom in 2013 includes 60 countries. 29 of whom blocked or filtered the internet for information of political and social issues.

According to the report, the Belarusian authorities use SORM system to monitor and control the Internet, which is also used in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. The index of Internet freedom in Belarus is 67 points. Uzbekistan is the only country of the former USSR that is lower than Belarus in this respect, holding 78 points. Kazakhstan received 59 points , Russia – 54, Azerbaijan – 52, Kyrgyzstan – 35, Ukraine – 28 and Georgia – 26.

The freest ones are Iceland, Estonia, Germany, the USA and Austria.