Mahiliou policeman works dishonestly

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Mahiliou, police officer Kavaliou forged a report according to which the social activist Natallia Samakhvalava allegedly refused to meet with him to testify conerning her appeal to the Presidential Administration.

This became known during the trial which took place in the Leninski District Court of Mahiliou on 23 September.

The reason for the litigation beame the lawsuit of the construction company "Sector" to Natallia Samakhvalava. Representatives of the firm wanted to prove in court that the appeal of the activist to the Presidential Administration, the police and the sanitation center on the activities of the workers of the company, was unjustified. However, Judge Yurchanka took the side of the activist and found her appeal to be quite reasonable.

“Natallia Samakhvalava applied to the aforementioned agencies due to the fact that the workers of the construction company paid a negligent attitude to the restoration of the house No. 15 in Lazarenka Street.
The wrought-iron fence of the balcony was stolen, as well as the memorial plate with the date “1910” (the time when the house was constructed). The Presidential Administration forwarded the appeal to the prosecutor's office, which required a new police inspection,” says human rights activist Uladzimir Krauchanka.

However, police officer Kavaliou decided not to question Natallia Samakhvalava, but write in his report that the activist refused to meet with him and give a testimony on her appeal.

“On this occasion we have written a
complaint to the Administration of the President to tell about the dishonest police officer Kavaliou. I hope that soon he will be brought to a legal account for his forgery,” said Uladzimir Krauchanka.