Doesn't the lawyer ofthe Biaroza District Executive Committee watch changes in the legislation?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Biaroza human rights defenders are unable to enter into a contract for the serving of their picket on 10 October by the Biaroza District Police Department.

They received a denial signedby the head of the DPD Andrei Leaniuk. He stated that such a contract could be signed only after the implementation of the requirements, stated inSection 5.8 of the Ruling of the Council of Ministers No. 207 of 2012.

In paragraph 5 of the Ruling it is stated that the district executive committee is to send a copy of the application for a picket to the police within one day after the registration of the application. After this, the police inspect the area where the event would take place, and then can make its suggestions to the district executive committee for two days.

The head of the DPD advised the applicants to apply to the district executive committee and register their application there.

However, the application to the executive committee was filed on 25 September together with the application for the service contract with the police. The application was registered at the executive committee. It is unclear why it wasn't sent to the police, as demanded by the Ruling.

Moreover, according to the ruling No. 138 of the Biaroza District Executive Committee, adopted in 2010, those who apply for pickets are also required to attach the service contracts to their applications.

The Biaroza District Hospital didn't conclude a service agreement for the 4 August picket, as far as it is not described in the documents of the Ministry of Health Care and there is no price list for it. At the same time, the chief physician of the Baranavichy hospital enters into such agreements without any problems.

One thing is clear from such actions of the authorities: they are indifferent to their work and lack professionalism. Another conclusion is that it is impossible to hold a mass event or a small picket in Belarus.