Mahiliou police interfere with the distribution of the bulletin “Social-democrat”

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Ales Serdziukou

Ales Serdziukou

On 4 October an activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Ales Serdziukou, who handed out the party bulletin, was forcibly led out of the market of car details located on the Homel highway.

The activist managed to hand out about 50 bulletins, after which he was approached by three policemen who tried to find out what he distributed.

"The police took a copy of the edition for the themselves, then said that there was no imprint though it was there, and told me to go away and that if they saw me there again they would arrest me and confiscate the bulletins,” says Ales Serdziukou.

The activist said that he was able to put down the name of the senior police officer who talked to him – Uladzimir Dantsou. According to him, the policemen blocked the entrance to the market and wai
ted there until he went away. Mr. Serdziukou said that the issue of the “Social Democrat” was dedicated to the campaign for the decrease of the customs clearance fee for the cars imported from the USA, launched by the Mahiliou social-democrats. All its articles were dedicated to the high customs fee Belarusian citizens have to pay for the cars imported from the EU and the USA.