Anti-corruption picket in Baranavichy

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A picket against the corruption among the local officials was held in Baranavichy on 30 September by social activist Mikalai Charnavus who held a poster “You catch Ural crooks, whereas our own ones rest at the Canaries".

Mikalai Charnavus has spent many years struggling with the local officials, who, in his opinion, are involved in illegal financial activities.

“With the support of local authorities the head of the “Roller-montage” firm Aliaksei Drazdouski took much money from the entrepreneurs of the Baranavichy cooperative market for the installation of roller shutter boxes, but didn't do it. I have repeatedly written about this in the Executive Committee, Executive Committee , the prosecutor's office, the court, the inspection of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties. However, all of them just wrote that the money had been simply borrowed from the entrepreneurs and they didn't know when they could be returned or the work would be done,” says Mikalai Charnavus.

The activist spent much time trying to get an objective consideration of the case by the state institutions, but to no avail. That's why Mikalai Charnavus decided to organize a picket against the corruption of local officials to draw public attention to the problem. He held the picket in the old city park for about an hour.