Ruslan Mirzoyeu: “I cannot get employed anywhere after my videos”

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Ruslan Mirzoyeu

Ruslan Mirzoyeu

Ruslan Mirzoyeu confirmed to a correspondent of Radio “Liberty” that a criminal case had been brought against him, and answered questions.

There was a 95% probability that I could be taken into custody today. I went to register at the police, but my hands were put into handcuffs and I was detained for three days. I was told that a case for violations was brought against me. I think it's a miracle, but the prosecutor decided that I could be released until the trial on a recognizance, though it is quite real that later I will be imprisoned for three years. 1.5 years of personal restraint were left for me, but if the court decides that I violated the conditions, I will be put behind bars for this term, though I tried not to violate anything and keep to all condictions!”

Reporter: "What kind of violations were discovered by them?”

R.M.: “For instance, I didn't report the police inspector about my dismissal from the Minsk Automobile Plant. As they state, I needed to warn them and receive a permission of the local police inspector, as if it was my initiative to get dismissed from it! Another violation is that I didn't tell them that after the dismissal I was officially unemployed.

R.: “Are you unemployed? But you told that after being released from the detention center in Akrestsin Street in August, you were employed...”

R.M.: “I was employed in one place, but managed to work there only for several days. Somebody must have told the head about my deeds. After this, I tried to get employed in fve places, where there are ads that workers are needed. However, I was immediately recognized everywhere and denied employment. That's why now I am in a hard situation in this sense. At present I cannot find a job and have to sit at home with my little daughter."