Criminal case brought against the author of videos about Minsk Automobile Plant and the suburb of Kurasoushchyna

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Ruslan Mirzoyeu

Ruslan Mirzoyeu

The Kastrychnitski District Police Department of Minsk brought a criminal case against Ruslan Mirzoyeu for a violation of the rules of serving the term of personal restraint. Mr. Mirzoyeu is the author of critical videos about the Minsk Automobile Plant and the suburb of Kurasoushchyna.

“Yes, a case has been brought against Ruslan. He was told about it yesterday at the police station. Everything seemed to be alright after he served seven days in teh detention center in Akrestsin Street in August, but then he was suddenly told that a criminal case was brought against him,” said to Radio “Liberty” Ruslan's wife Mar'yam.

At present Ruslan doesn't answer the phone. Earlier he told “Charter'97” that he had as many as five violations, about which he found suddenly and unexpectedly, and now he can receive three years of real imprisonment.

Ruslan also said that he has refused from making critical videos, but hasn't completely refused from creative activities and makes “humoristic videos”. "How can you kill a man in a fiery rush of his heart and the desire for self-actualization? I know what country I live in, but I can not kill this desire, as it would mean to rot from the inside,” said Ruslan Mirzoyeu.

In the summer Ruslan Mirzoyeu was fired from the Minsk Automobile Plant, a video about which he had produced and uploaded to the Internet. After the appearance of new videos about drug addicts and young criminals in Kurasoushchyna in August Ruslan Mirzoyeu was detained by the police and sentenced to seven days of arrest for alleged disobedience to the police. More than a year ago Ruslan Mirzoyeu had been found guilty of a theft and sentenced to personal restraint without direction to a penitentiary institutuion.