July wages haven't been paid off yet at some enterprises of the Homel region

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As it has been declared at a council of the head of the Homel Regional Executive Committee, three enterprises of the region still haven't paid their workers the wages for July: Homel Plant of Building Structures, Zhytkavichy combine of public service and Loyeu agricultural service. According to the newspaper "Homelskaya Prauda”, the head of the Homel Regional Executive Committee paid an acute reaction to this information, stating that the responsibility for the untimely payment of the wages would be very strict. "Leaders , be practical,” urged Uladzimir Dvornik.

Meanwhile, the late payment of wages is a gross violation of the labor legislation.

The Homel region preserves the signs of territorial disparities between different cities and regions. The list of the “poorest” includes the workers of enterprises and organizations of the Karma, Loyeu, Khoiniki and Brahin district. They are considered to be the most poor in the country.

A similar situation can be observed in the commercial enterprises of Homel. For instance, during the first four months of the year the wages in the sphere of services and trade was the lowest in Homel. This situation resulted in the mass dismissals of salespeople: according to the official statistics, 750 of them dismissed from various trade enterprises and organizations since the beginning of 2013.