Aliaksandr Valchanin proposes MFA to discuss issues of interation with the civil society in Belarus

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Aliaksandr Valchanin

Aliaksandr Valchanin

A member of the Zhodzina City Council of two convocations, member of the Coordinating Committee of the National platform of the “Eastern Partnership” Aliaksandr Valchanin proposed the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alena Kupchyna to discuss issues of interaction with the civil society of Belarus.

Alena Kupchyna was is a working visit to London, where she discusses the relations with the European Union and bilateral Belarusian-British relations”, said Aliaksandr Valchanin.

“At present Alena Kupchyna is holding talks with the West. This is not a secret for anyone. And I want to propose a dialogue inside Belarus. The time has come for it. Twenty years have passed already, and we don't see even an appearance of any negotiations.

In his appeal to Kupchyna Aliaksandr Valchanin emphasizes that the issues which are being discussed in London are very important, but he would also like to discuss issues of cooperation with the civil society in Belarus. "The answer is up to you, dear Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus," said Mr. Valchanin.