Salihorsk MPs are reminded about the necessity to build a new polyclinic

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Viktar Malochka (Salihorsk)

Viktar Malochka (Salihorsk)

The struggle of Salihorskers for their constitutional right to health care continues.

Salihorsk social activist Viktar Malochka, deputy head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party, tries to raise the issue of the construction of a new polyclinic in Salihorsk with the assistance of members of councils of different levels. He filed his addresses to representatives of the Salihorsk district in the Parliament, Yauhen Abalenski and Taisa Danilevich, as well as to the head of the Salihorsk District Council of Deputies, Lidziya Klishevich.

“In Salihorsk there is an acute problem of queues in the current clinic, designed for 600 visits daily. In fact, they are three times more visits,” said Viktar Malochka. “The medics also accept dwellers of other districts, where the situation is yet poorer. The further the process goes, the more exacerbated the issue becomes, as far as the city boundaries expand and there is an active inflow of young people into it.

Construction of the second clinic in the city was planned a decade ago. Though a place was allocated for it, the construction works didn't start. Instead of it, a hockey palace was built, including for the money which was “voluntarily” given by the people. At present there are constructed a church, farms and supermarkets, which, according to officials, are more important. Nobody takes into account the opinion of citizens, Opinion no one takes into account the citizens . And it does look like a mockery that a house for coaches and other workers of the ice palace was built in the place provided for the construction of the health center.

“Article 45 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus guarantees citizens the right to health. The state must create conditions for generally accessible medical services,” Mr. Malochka quotes the Constitution. Against the backdrop of the "grand" buildings that can be seen all over Salihorsk, and the money that is being spent on it, the authorities still have to think about what people need. In our opinion, the first priority for today and for the future is building a modern clinic with the latest diagnostic equipment and especially with the involvement of qualified medical personnel.”

According to Mr. Malochka, solving this issue will save people from the terrible queues and hassle when people sometimes have to come to the polyclinic at 5 p.m. in order to get an appointment with a medic. Moreover, it will solve the issue of the untimely diagnostics of illnesses, especially oncologic ones, which is a very topical and sensitive. The city even has a special taxi "Salihorsk-Barauliany", the majority of whose clients go to the Barauliany Cancer Center.

In his address to the deputies Viktar Malochka not only raises the aforementioned issues, but also offers solutions.

“It should be understood that at present the decision about the construction of the polyclinic depends on the financing, which can be quite different. It can be taken from the national or the regional budget,” says the activist. “In particular, “Belaruskaliy” could partially refuse from subsidizing such festivals as “Dazhynki” and “Slavonic Bazaar”and over-spending finances on football and hockey clubs, or at least make these expenditures accessible for citizens. Moreover, nowadays many businessmen build various objects in Salihorsk. For instance, gambling gives fabulous profits.

Mr. Malochka hopes that the MPs will treat the raised issue seriously and is waiting for concrete answers.