Political prisoner Mikalai Autukhovich calls on human rights activists to deal with investigator Alikhver's case

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Mikalai Alikhver, former investigator of State Control Committee

Mikalai Alikhver, former investigator of State Control Committee

Mr. Autukhovich encourages human rights organizations to initiate proceedings against the investigator on his first case, Mikalai Alikhver, who now lives in the U.S..

This was written by Autukhovich from the Hrodna prison to the head of the organization "Legal Assistance to Population" Aleh Volchak.

Mr. Autukhovich insists that the first case against him, from which his criminal prosecution started ten years ago, was grossly fabricated.

Aleh Volchak:

“He again returns to this case as he also serves his second term because of it. In the first case he disclosed the crimes of some officials and presented evidence. He is concerned about how such people as Alikhver, who falsified evidence, can live in America. Therefore he addresses the international human rights organizations, asking them to raise the question on what basis Alikhver is there, and file a lawsuit against him.

As Mikhail Autukhovich writes, human rights defenders could represent his interests in a U.S. court. He believes that Alikhver's actions can be qualified as the use of the office powers for politically motivated prosecution of Belarusian citizens. Accoring to the prisoner, there is sufficient evidence confirming the fabrication of his case.