Tut.by journalist summonsed to Investigative Committee

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tut.by journalist Katsiaryna Siniuk

tut.by journalist Katsiaryna Siniuk

Andrei Yeulash, an investigator of the Investigation Committee in the city of Minsk intends to question the tut.by journalist Katsiaryna Siniuk about the publication of an information which was officially presented to her by the police.

The information in question concerns the former head of the international charity “In Support of Orphan Children” Viachaslau Davydovich, detained on 29 August on suspicion in unlawful business activities.

On his detention Katsiaryna Siniuk filed an official inquiry to the law-enforcement agencies. After the publication of the article the journalist started receiving demands not to publish anything about the fate of Viachaslau Davydovich.

On 4 September the journalist received an official summons with the demand to come to the Investigative Committee. Katsiaryna Siniuk believes that in this case there is a hidden confrontation between the two law enforcement agencies as the information published in her article was officially presented by the police.

According to writ, the member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Katsiaryna Siniuk must come to the investigator at 10 a.m. on 5 September.