Minsk band Crowblack dedicates a song to innocent death convicts

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Minsk band Crowblack

Minsk band Crowblack

The Minsk band Crowblack presented on Ultra -Music its song «Burning Cage of Justice». The song tells the story of innocent persons sentenced to death.

“It was written a few years ago under the influence of the execution of Aliaksandr Krauchanka, , wrongly convicted instead of Chykatsila. The song addresses the social problem of making crucial decisions that are not always fully justified,” says the Crowblack guitarist Yauhen Kalinin.

According to the band , the song «Burning Cage of Justice» has a rare combination of musical tones of jazz and melodic metal. It was included into the debut album «Dark Hearts United», which appeared at the beginning of this year.

“Our music touches completely different aspects of life, ranging from emotional states to social problems. We have always tried to create a sound that could penetrate into the depths of the soul, so that people don't feel left alone with their problems but could find support in our music,” says Yauhen Kalinin. “Moreover, our music is not a blind imitation of hype contemporary bands or styles. It is a synthesis of old-school rock, emotional gothic and the “freshness” of the Finnish rock.

Crowblack music does not fit easily into any of the standard formats. This is its uniqueness, and for that we are loved by our fans.

Crowblack history dates back to 2008 when members of the band Terrytoryja Sny invited Yauhen Hubski to do vocals for launching their new projects Black Rose. In this format the band existed for about a year, but then broke up. In some time, a new lineup was gathered, after which the contemporary name, Crowblack, appeared. The band participants characterize their music as dark rock, musical style of the band Poisonblack, the impression of which gave rise to the
beginning of the band's creative activity. In 2013 Crowblack issued their debut album “Dark Heads United” and are currently working on some new material.