Marek Migalski applies to the European Commission concerning Ihar Pastnou's case

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Member of EU Parliament Marek Migalski

Member of EU Parliament Marek Migalski

MEP Marek Migalski applied to the European Commission, as well as to the Minister of Health of Poland Bartosz Arljukowicz asking to intervene in the case of the Belarusian medic Ihar Pastnou.

Migalski called
to stand up for the medic who was forcibly confined to a psychiatric hospital as a consequence of his critique of the Belarusian authorities, stated Migalski's aidee Anna Bialas:

“In his letters, Mr. MP said there is no doubt that the sentence is politically motivated.
The sentence to the Belarusian psychiatrist is another attempt to destroy the civil society in Belarus. In this regard, Mr. MP urges to take all possible steps at the international forum with the aim to protect the Belarusian medics and take action on this case.

On 21 August the Vitsebsk Regional Court sentenced medic Ihar Pastnou to forced psychiatric treatment.

Half a year ago the medic published critical materials about hte authorities and the health care system. Human rights organizations believe that keeping dissidents in soul asylums returns the shameful practices of the Soveit era.

The Belarusian Helsinki Committee and the
Human Rights Center " Viasna" are concerned about the forced hospitalization of Ihar Pastnou. They call on the competent organs to immediately release Ihar Pastnou from the hospital and review the decision for his forced hospitalization within open court proceedings, with observance of the procedures and principles of a fair trial..