Brest MPs are proposed to solve the road issue

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Ihar Maslouski

Ihar Maslouski

A local activist of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth! " Ihar Maslouski sent an appeal to the members of the Brest City Council in which he proposes to consider the question of the quality and timely repairs of the roads in Brest at the next session of the council.

In his address Maslouski referred to the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On the local government and self-government” which declares that one of the basic principles of self-government is the defense of the rights and legal intersts of citizens, as well as the publicity and responsiveness to public opinion and the regular spread of public information on the decisions taken on the most important issues of local importance.

"In 2012-2013, the state of the road surface in Brest is one of the main city problems”, thinks Maslouski. “The expression “Poor quality asphalt disappeares with the snow!" has become a reality in our city, and even representatives of the city services said that the guarantee terms for the use of 80% of the roads in Brest are already over and they need capital repairs.”

That's why the activist of “Tell the Truth!” proposes to include the “road” issue in the agenda of the session of the city council and establish a commission which will exercise control of the state of the road surface. Moreover, Mr. Maslouski is convinced in the necessity to hold a monitoring of the quality of the asphalt surface (bitumen) that is used during the repairs, and in the long term – to develop and approve a regional program of road construction.