Aliaksandr Frantskevich: “KGB tried to recruit me. They wanted me to give testimonies against Dziadok”

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Aliaksandr Frantskevich

Aliaksandr Frantskevich

On 3 September the political prisoner Aliaksandr Frantskevich was released from the Ivatsevichy colony. Several hours after his release he answered questions of “Nasha Niva”.

NN: How do you feel?

A.F.: Freedom (smiles). What else can I say? Ease. I am with my friends and relatives, and I feel good.

NN: Did you think you will serve the term until the end?

AF: Sincerely speaking, I counted on some relaxation of restrictions, which was unjustified. I overestimated the mildness of the regime. However, I don't regret what I have done and don't regret having gone through it all. In prison my views became even stronger.

NN: What were you relations with other prisoners?

AF: The prisoners are different. Many of them cooperate with the administration. Of course, such people are ready to make anything. There are many cynical and unprincipled people. However, the majority are adequate and principled people. I hope I will maintain contacts with some of them after their release.

NN: What can you say about the guards?

AF: It's ambiguous. They are controlled more than prisoners. Many of them recognized the foul nature of this system. They understand where we are going. However, one shall understand that they are a part of the system and, as any part of the system, are faceless.

NN: Your friends Alinevich and Dziadok continue being kept behind bars.

AF: I will make everything possible to inform the people about this case, so that the guys would be released as soon as possible.

NN: Were you proposed to testify against Dziadok and Alinevich?

AF: Agaisnt Dziadok. If I testified at the stage of the investigation, I would be transferred to the status of witness, and I was told it directly. KGB wanted to have its agents of influence in the anarchist circles.

After 3 September 2010 they were not interested to find out who had thrown Molotov cocktails at the Ministry of Defense. They were interested in general information about the anarchist movement, how many people were there and what were their aims.

NN: Were you proposed to write a clemency petition?

AF: Yes, it was done by the former head of the prison. I refused, as far as there were no threats to me at that time, the pressurization started later. However, I wouldn't say it was unprecedented in its graveness. I tell it not to show the humanness of the regime. Pressure is exercised on all prisoners.

NN: How was the prison food?

AF: Nobody would eat it here, that's what I'll say.

NN: Does your health remain unshaken?

AF: No. It's not such a great term – three years. However, soon I am going to have a large medical examination.

NN: Do you have any other plans already?

AF: I want to move from Navapolatsk to Minsk. The firm where I worked before the detention, left my working place. What concerns the political activities, I will continue taking part in the anarchist movement. I won't manage to act in underground any more. However, I will do everything possible to spread our ideas among the people.